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Maths n Abacus prides itself for delivering online learning worldwide through powered virtual college. The online training and development closely replicates the classes that take place in the traditional classroom. We are one of the premier online platforms for providing training through World Wide Web.

The test preparations, essay writing, assignment preparations are the main spheres of the comprehended by us over the current education trends. Lets us have a look on some new features which describes and distinguishes from the others

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We enlist the students from all parts of the world and from every section and thus we provide 24X7 hour services to them. They are endowed with the facility of convenience means they can study at whatever time they feel comfortable. The students are not bound to the time constraint and are free to keep tabs for the academic sessions for unfixed schedule. We allow them to easily settle their own time and place for the study period.

Follows the curriculum of online training of Abacus Educationthrough extracts of students’ books:

The tutors of Maths n Abacus prefer text books to teach the students that have been specified by the enrolled students. Accredits to the students provided catches the hold of the concepts and describes every part of the tutorial in an efficient manner. All the students get the complete assistance of the tutors for completing their homework and the test preparations for better output.

The students are provided with the cloud computing technology which does not require any software or hardware to continue. They just need to login their accounts to initiate the tutoring session with their favorite tutor and thus could be provided with the online training because these sessions are normally threaded and can be continued when needed.

Parents are delighted to see the results of their child because with Match n Abacus, they are provided with the weekly academic reports to see the progress of their child. The internal assessments held every week for confidence boost up that are based on the tests and quizzes.

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The online training ensues to be one of the most ingratiatory attributes of Match n Abacus. The qualified tutors are always available for the assistance of the students in making their doubts clear. The tutors are available round the clock to solve the queries and moreover the extra classes are held for the week students.

How the Reggio Emilia Approach delivers

Started by Loris Malaguzzi in a town called Reggio Emilia in Italy post World War II, this educational philosophy unlike others in the past (and even today)utilizes the involvement of the child, the parents, teachers and the environment that surrounds them. It was taken up by the townspeople to give the children in the town a sense of self respect and responsibility right at the very beginning by interacting with the people and the environment around them. This is done at a very early age so that such values blossom and grow and make children into better and more responsible individuals with positive and responsible thinking. The curriculum was self-guided in a way which was based on exploration, discovery in a accommodating and enriching environment, based on the interests of children.

This philosophy was broadly based on the following set of principles where

??? Children must have some control over their learning

??? Children must be placed in an environment where they could learn through experiences of touch, moving, listening, seeing and hearing

??? Children must be allowed to explore material items and also have a relationship with other children helping them socialize and be more open to opinion at a very young age.

??? Children must be given a lot of opportunities and outlets where they are allowed to express themselves

The community and parental involvement play an important role by giving emphasis to the fact that the children of the community are the collective responsibility of the local community. The teacher plays the role of a collaborator rather than an instructor wherein the teacher plans and develops activities for the child by gauging the child’s interest and likings thereby encouraging and sharpening the skills that he or she already has. The environment is also similar to the open approach which allows children to run around and experience open spaces filled with flora and natural lighting allowing them to feel and touch and experience nature and the environment around them first hand. Trust plays a major role in the Reggio Emilia Approach where children develop a high level of trust in their parents and teachers making strong bonds and developing an environment which is conducive for children to grow in; both as a family and socially.

The Kensington Nursery in Dubai is one of the few International British nurseries in Dubai which follow the Reggio Emilia Approach to childhood education along with The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum; making this the best choice in education that your child so deserves. To learn more about The Kensington Nursery their approach or their environment, kindly visit them online at:

School System in India

Indians attach great importance to education. The competition is fierce and begins enroll children in the best school and continues as the boy goes to college and beyond. India still aims to reach 100% level of literacy. Only one state in the south of the country, Kerala has achieved that distinction thus far. Education in India is broadly divided into primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary. General education lasts 12 years, following the 10 + 2 model. However, different states organize the first 10 years of teaching is different and that even within schools, there are several educational standards that are followed.

The key standards for the schools are as follows:

State Government Boards where the key et exams according to the provincial government standardsThe CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education, where the standard is set by central government to schools in several statesThe Council for Indian School Certification Exam or CISCE boardNational Open School andInternational schoolsLet’s look at the key stages of the Indian education system.

red; “> Pre-primary: Pre-primary education in India is not a fundamental right, with a very low percentage of children receiving preschool educational facilities. This has led to a rush in the private sector to fill that void. The private sector responsible for the relatively richer section of society has opened a number of kindergartens and schools. Provisions in these kindergartens are divided into two stages – lower kindergarten (LKG) and upper kindergarten (UKG). Typically, an LKG class would consist of children from 3 to 4 years old, and the UKG class would consist of 4 children under 5 years old.

Primary: This also applies to children aged 6 to 11 years studying in classes from first to fifth standard.

High School: This generally refers to children studying in classes between fifth and eighth standard.

Secondary: This is the students in their ninth and tenth grade.

Higher secondary: Sometimes known as Pre-University (PUC), this refers to students in the 11th and 12th standard. Here, students choose a particular stream they wish to pursue upon entering a bachelor.

Undergraduate: The next step in education, the students specialize in a particular stream. Depending on their choice of topics, undergraduate programs vary in duration from three to six years. For example, is a Bachelor Arts (BA) will have three years to complete, while a medical student can expect to attend classes 4.5 years and an internship of another year.

Postgraduate: After completion of a Bachelor program, students can choose to specialize in a postgraduate program of their choice further add to their qualifications.

Best Schools of Western & Southern Cities in India

We treat schools as the first temple for the students from our ancient times. In todays India decision of joining a school can make or mar the student’s whole life. So, one need to be very sure that this particular school in India will meets their whole needs to flourish their career ahead in college life too. In the modern culture, Indian schools are very moderate. On one side they are including international standards of IB curriculum based study systems while on another side they are apprising students about the ancient cultural and spiritual heritage of India.

Such type of indo western trend of study pattern in India is also well acknowledged by the people from abroad too. The best schools in Pune not only concentrate on their pupils study curriculum but also take the oath to develop the best inherent qualities in each of them. Later on only these students of India will have the total responsibilities of India progress in various professional fields. India is country of unity in diversity, and the schools of India are clearly spreading the messages among their students about the unity thoughts and glorifying culture of India. Some specific seats are always reserved in many reputed schools for the people who are low in their income status as mentioned by the government law and orders.

There are many good schools in Pune like St. Mary’s School Pune, St Vincent School Pune, St. Joseph’s School Pune, and St. Anne’s High School Pune etc. CBSE Schools in Ahmadabad is also well recognized among the people not only in western India but also in the other parts of our nation. Those CBSE schools are high in their ranks of academics education providers but also stand on the top in the race of competitions held for various creative fields like dance, quiz shows, acting and other various forms of art.

The infrastructure and teaching faculties of such schools are also high in their standards and quality to cater their students a best atmosphere where they have to spend their 16th year of age. Such type of huge and wonderful facilities for the school children is not afforded by the government schools even though they are CBSE affiliated. We can conclude many good schools in Ahmadabad such as Adarsh High School, Airport School, and Bharat High school etc. The CBSE schools in Bangalore are serving the best academics and co-curricula activities in India at the top ranks in the country. They are deciding their curriculum on regular updating bases. They are always focuses on not only for the academic brilliance of each student with individual attention, but also give them a broader perspective for life skills lessons.

We can easily see the quality of education in our south Indian groups of people in any sector of profession which always makes the marks around the world. You can find verities of schools in Bangalore that matches your each requirement and also apply there online for the admission in any class. Schools such as Air Force School, Army Public School, Bangalore Military School, BGS International School and many more comes in the top categories of the schools where you may wish to get admission for your kids. Studying in such a high ranked schools with expert teaching staffs is itself a matter of honor for your children.

Benefits of Using a Mentor For Mentoring Programs

Etymologically “mentor” refers to a person generally older and more experienced who orients the younger and the less experienced to reach his potential. A counselor, trusted friend or a teacher is paired with a new comer to guide the mentee towards the organizational goals. During academic life, a youngster or a student who is performing badly is put under the care of a senior who through formal or informal mentoring sessions helps his protege to evolve into a better performer. Mentorship programs are widely used by businesses and educational institutions to assist in the overall growth of the inmates. The expertise of the mentor percolates down to the trainee, thereby laying out a directional course for him to follow, actively advising him and intervening when necessary.

Quite a few professions advocate mentoring programs during which the unskilled hands learn from the mentor’s experience and knowledge. Similarly, academically bright students are given the reins of those who are facing any kind of difficulty. There are innumerable fields where the tried-and-tested method of mentorship programs has had reverberating success and its popularity is consistently on the rise. The imparting of wisdom and sharing of knowledge with novices is a perfect way to step up synergy proactively. The organization is the final victor because its productivity is enhanced. The mentee is helped to advance his career, enhance his education and build up his network and relationships. The focus of the mentoring programs is to empower the youth.

They help to improve leadership skills, use the available resources to solve the learner’s own and community problems effectively.Mentoring programs nurture entrepreneurship resulting in their being employment givers and not seekers.Efficient mentoring programs sponsor social responsibility and intensify the participation of the young people in the development of communities.

Mentorship programs provide a platform for the counselor to bond with the learners and contribute to their storehouse of know-how. The mentor leads the youngster/class/group towards a pre-planned goal.

The young talents can be prepared to become leaders by developing suitable mentorship programs. The recruitment of the seasoned hands to guide and support the entrants boosts the organizational strength and readies them to take up high-end job with the passage of time. It is an established fact that the people who are weaned this way are less stressed or not likely to quit. The mentor too feels psychologically responsible for the actions of the one he guided. This makes the job more interesting to learn and teach.