How the Reggio Emilia Approach delivers

Started by Loris Malaguzzi in a town called Reggio Emilia in Italy post World War II, this educational philosophy unlike others in the past (and even today)utilizes the involvement of the child, the parents, teachers and the environment that surrounds them. It was taken up by the townspeople to give the children in the town a sense of self respect and responsibility right at the very beginning by interacting with the people and the environment around them. This is done at a very early age so that such values blossom and grow and make children into better and more responsible individuals with positive and responsible thinking. The curriculum was self-guided in a way which was based on exploration, discovery in a accommodating and enriching environment, based on the interests of children.

This philosophy was broadly based on the following set of principles where

??? Children must have some control over their learning

??? Children must be placed in an environment where they could learn through experiences of touch, moving, listening, seeing and hearing

??? Children must be allowed to explore material items and also have a relationship with other children helping them socialize and be more open to opinion at a very young age.

??? Children must be given a lot of opportunities and outlets where they are allowed to express themselves

The community and parental involvement play an important role by giving emphasis to the fact that the children of the community are the collective responsibility of the local community. The teacher plays the role of a collaborator rather than an instructor wherein the teacher plans and develops activities for the child by gauging the child’s interest and likings thereby encouraging and sharpening the skills that he or she already has. The environment is also similar to the open approach which allows children to run around and experience open spaces filled with flora and natural lighting allowing them to feel and touch and experience nature and the environment around them first hand. Trust plays a major role in the Reggio Emilia Approach where children develop a high level of trust in their parents and teachers making strong bonds and developing an environment which is conducive for children to grow in; both as a family and socially.

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